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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just what is A Knitter's Gallery of Mitered Squares?

A Knitter’s Gallery of Mitered Squares e-book is now available on Ravelry. But what, you may be asking yourself, is it all about? Good question.

The full title, A Knitter’s Gallery of Mitered Squares – 45 Unique Designs in Color, Texture and Lace, will, I hope, give you a clue. It is primarily a stitch dictionary for mitered squares. Mitered squares are great fun but all that garter stitch can get boring so, we challenged ourselves to see how many designs we could add to a mitered square.  Each of the 45 squares has a full color photo, chart and tip on how to resize to fit your needs.
If you are new to mitered squares, there is also basic information on how to make mitered squares as well as how to read the charts.
Finally, there are 4 projects to help get you started creating your own designs. Each project walks you through how to; combine different designs in one project, join squares in many directions, add mitered squares to edging and make a full mitered square vest.

Here is just one of the nice reviews we have gotten so far:
“Modular knitting books have been around for many years because of its infinite uses. A Knitter’s Gallery of Mitered Squares is a delightful book to read because it is clear, concise and extremely well organized. The contents flow in a light, easy and elegant way allowing the knitter to learn and build his/her skills without realizing the extent of knowledge and new information actually being absorbed. More than just a square pattern book, this volume introduces confidence to knitters and a world of possibilities in creating new designs. It is a priceless resource!” – Andrea Wong, Author of Portuguese Style of Knitting – History, Traditions and Techniques

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