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Friday, October 11, 2013

Vacations and the Universe

I have returned home from a two week vacation rested and inspired. Nature has a way of re-charging me creative batteries.This year however, the universe was also sending me signs.
Before vacation, I was stressed out and wondering if I had chosen the right path. During this glorious trip, I met people who had given up 'traditional' career to do what they loved in places they loved. At one stop, we had the opportunity to see a live band in a pub. The duo, who called themselves The Potters Field, played acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica and kazoo while singing original songs and covers. One such cover was of a Lyle Lovett tune
     "If I had a boat, I'd ride it on the ocean
     and if I had a pony, I'd ride it on my boat."
To me, this song shouted do what makes you happy even if most people don't get it. Follow your dreams.

So, what are my dreams? My biggest dream is to share A Knitter's Gallery of Mitered Squares with knitter's everywhere. My mother and I created this book from start to finish. The e-book is now available on Ravelry. The e-book sales will generate the money for the print book.
I know a lot of you would prefer a print book. Me too. But let me tell you about our offer. Anyone purchasing the e-book, will receive an invitation to purchase the print book (when it becomes available) for only $8.00 (plus shipping). If your on the fence consider this, your purchase of the e-book now will help get a print book into your hands sooner.

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